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Generation Metaverse will revolutionize the NFT space. Beautifully rendered full-body 3d art, strong focus on Metaverse functionality, incredible gaming environments rendered in the Unreal Engine and much more. Our handpicked team of fully doxxed experts from the USA to the UAE has years of experience creating 3D art, NFT collections and tokens on leading blockchain technologies.
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Gen Meta(Generation Metaverse) is a unique 3D Play yo Earn(P2E) gaming NFT that will revolutionize the NFT space. Based on Solana blockchain, we will combine the complex task of bringing together beautiful full-body 3D Art, engaging storyline, financial utility, tokens, and gaming together for our buyers. Our handpicked team of experts from the USA and UAE has years of experience creating 3D Art, NFTs, and tokens on leading blockchain technologies.

Collection Utility

We're reinventing the global equity blockchain - that is secure, smart, and easy to use platform, and completely disrupting the way business raise capital and the way investors buy and sell in the marketplace


Let the Battle for the Metaverse begin, join other fellow holders on Discord, and brace yourself for a Battle with the evil AI.
Initial Phase
We will be showcasing exclusive Play to Earn, Where up until the Sale Date will be letting Select Members from our Discord being able to be the first Beta Version of our P2E Game as us doing Giveaways and Parties
Holders will receive a 3D version of their NFT(later disclosed date) after the our NFT launch, 15% of the aftermarket royalties will be dedicated to our DAO to ensure the Gen Meta's growth and development of our P2E game.
Giving away Solana, cash, A total of 30 of our NFTs, will be raffled among the Gen Meta Community and Ultra Rare holders will receive their prepaid order of Infinite Objects Frames and to select Individuals a VR Headset
NFT Staking
HODLers of our NFT can stake their NFT on partner platforms like Honey Finance & Nova Launch, Where you can use your NFT as a utility to lend, borrow, and fulfill other financial use cases. Stakers will also earn Gen Meta Token(TBA)
Investment Plan
Our Team is working on developing our own CryptoCurrency to enable us to bring Gen Meta into the Metaverse, NFTs Metaverse marketplace. As well as initiating a DAO to further grow and drive direction to Gen Meta
Beta Gameplay
We have exceeded our own expectations and have been able to release our game in Beta for testers to enable Production & Collaboration from our community for us to build the most optimal play to earn game/ Metaverse
P2E Partners
Driving focus on developing our Partnership with Helicon NFT and other Metaverse/ P2E Platforms to enable us to grow and build upon our foundations that we have developed to further our growth and build our vision
Full Scale
Roadmap and Timeline for Gen Meta 2.0 including follow Series NFT Line-Ups, Coin Release Date, tokenomics ,Exclusive Partnerships, NFT Gear, Metaverse, Digital Land, Gameplay Development, and DAO

our team

Experienced and Professional Team
King AG
Madd Jaxx
Madd Jaxx
Technology Officer
Don Juan
Operations Officer
PR Director - Middle East
Moderator Leader
3D Artist
Game Developer

NFT Collection

Sneak Peak at our 3D Collection


Gen Meta Book

Are you ready to dive deep into the adventure of what is to come. As our heroes venture into the Metaverse, have some fun, and soon learn that the war with the AI is no where near over as they have returned and are looking to take over everyones mind and control their bodies in the real world

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any further questions reach out to us on our Discord and one of our team members will be more than happy to help you

SOLANA(SOL) blockchain

TBA- Presale (2.5 SOL)
TBA- Private Sale (3 SOL)
TBA – Public sale (3.8 SOL)

We will give our holders a 3D version of their NFT 3 weeks after the reveal, which is to be announced. It is a requirement that you hold your NFT for 3 weeks before you get the 3D version.

Our priority is our holders, which is why we focus on the utility of the project very much. Stating this we want our people to buy the NFT for the long term and not just the flipping side of the NFT space.

There are many ways to get whitelisted, the best advice is to stay active on the discord. We will be posting challenges and competitions where winners will be whitelisted. Also, look at our Whitelist section to look for how to’s for the limited whitelist spots.

Our mission is to create a multifunctional utility based NFT. Just like you, we have been buying NFTs investing our time and money but ended up filling the bank accounts of money hungry creators who focus on selling out their NFT. Instead of creating something amazing and developing a community around it. WE want to give you an amazing art, long term value, utility, opportunity to make money and be part of a community that helps you grow mentally, physically and financially.